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Welcome! This is where I put my thoughts and ideas about life into short blurbs of 200 words or less. Yes that’s a challenge but it keeps things both short and sharp and you get to decide whether I make sense. And if it does make sense and adds some value to your own thinking, please comment and/or share it with others. Hopefully it’s what you or they need to hear at this moment.

The Employee

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The Employee

They tell you when to wake up.

They tell you what time to be at work.

They tell you when to eat your lunch and for how long.

They tell you what time to go home.

They tell you when you can (or can’t) have a vacation.

They tell you how much you’ll get paid.

They tell you you’re lucky to have a job.

They tell you that you can be replaced.

They tell you whether you can (or can’t) have health insurance.

They tell you to ‘be a team player’ while protecting their position.

They create an adversarial culture while touting teamwork.

Honestly . . . who signs up for that as a long term plan?


The Best Career Question I Ever Was Asked

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The Best Career Question I Ever Was Asked

A good friend of mine, that I worked with in the corporate world when we were in software together, left that world and launched into his own business. Years later he would catch up with me and ask a question that would change my life. He said . . .

If you could fast forward your life two years from now and design the ideal life for yourself, what would it look like?

I was in the mindset of the corporate employee who was more concerned about survival than designing my future life. He pressed for an answer and I came up with an anemic response of living totally debt free, traveling at will, having great relationships, and leaving some kind of legacy after I am gone. He looked me directly in the eye and said, “let’s go for it!” I thought he was smoking something illegal but he was enthusiastic and said he would help me. And help me he did!

Nearly four years later, we’ve been able to break free of debt, we travel a lot, have some amazingly wonderful relationships and I’m making a difference in peoples lives that will last forever. Who would have ever thought a simple question could spark a radical change in our lives.

My only regret is that I was not asked that question sooner and had started on the path of designing life on my terms. Fortunately, it’s never too late. So what changed?

I quit listening to “broke” people. If someone is not where you want to be in life and living the life that you want, then do not let them stand in your way and impact your thinking . . . they will all try and will all have an opinion – DO NOT LISTEN!

I immersed myself in personal development and entrepreneurial training. They don’t teach this in schools and yet, it’s the only thing that will create real freedom in your life. You need all of this in order to own a business . . . (You do not want to “own” a job or work for someone else).

I started to hang around people who were thinking bigger than me. If you’re the smartest person in the room – then you’re in the wrong room – leave immediately.

I became a leader of my life and in my life. Leaders make the tough decisions, take the risks, take the hits, and keep fighting. Be fearless.

I started building a business that does not need me in order to run. Having that option is freedom.

And so I ask you . . .

If you could fast forward your life two years from now and design the ideal life for yourself, what would it look like?

Two years will come and go. You can survive or you can thrive. I’ll give you the same promise my friend gave me . . . I’ll help you. I know how. The question is . . . are you willing . . .

The Rope Called Hope

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The Rope Called Hope

They never dreamed it is where they would end up, but at some point they determined that it was the place they would be. Living in the well is where most people had decided to stay. All their friends lived in wells, their educators lived in wells, their spiritual counselors lived in wells, co-workers, family members, in fact, everyone they knew lived in wells. It had not only become acceptable, but even fashionable.

Dual incomes? Yeah, me too!
High credit card debt? Yeah, me too!
High car payments? Yeah, me too!
Limited travel and short vacations? Yeah, me too!
School loans? Yeah, me too!
Paycheck to paycheck? Yeah, me too!
Very little saved for retirement? Yeah, me too!

Most never saw the rope hanging there all the time. Some had heard about a rope. But most never even knew the rope existed. The rope called Hope.

The massive rope braided with Truth, Personal Growth, Service, Purpose, Clarity, Leadership, Goals, Mentoring, Financial Freedom, Innovation and Creativity was always there, hanging in the center, where at any moment, they could escape the confines of the well.

And then the day came when they discovered the rope! They realized Hope was giving them another chance. Could it ever be possible that they could escape from the well and give new hope to their family? Could it be possible to have the kind of life they had always wanted? Could getting out of the well they had been stuck in for so long actually become a reality? Would they listen to those outside the well, to those who had discovered another place?

For some the answer would be no. If fact, so comfortable with well living, they would CUT the rope of hope and be forever confined to well living. And they were okay with that . . . small living is predictable and ‘secure’ and known and where all my friends are. It’s what they know and it’s where they are staying.

For others, well living is not what they wanted. They were intrigued by others who had escaped, but yet they were unsure. They have fears. The path is not clear. They don’t know if they have what it takes to get out of the well, so they CONTAIN the rope. They hang it on a hook and look at it and talk about it and show it to their friends and dream of a different time when the rope will be valuable for them. After the education, after the kids are grown, when they have more time, and when they have more money. Later the rope will be for them, but not right now. And so the rope gathers dust, always hanging there, always available, waiting for their decision.

Then there are others. They are the ones well people call crazy, dreamers, independent thinkers, who actually believe one can CLIMB the rope. Yes it will be hard. Yes it will take time. They understand it will take new skills and thinking but they are hungry for a better life. They have been dreaming of their escape and they are ready to climb.

It’s hard at first. In fact, harder than they realized. But the longer they climb the easier it seems to get. They are inspired by the voices of encouragement they hear at the top of the well. It doesn’t take long before they realize they can escape the well forever and live in freedom. The rope of hope would work and they would come to live the life they’ve always wanted.

Are you stuck in the well?
What will you decide to do?

Will you CUT the rope and give up hope?
Will you CONTAIN the rope and use it at a later time?
Will you CLIMB the rope beginning today to a life of freedom and purpose?

If you’re ready to climb, we have a team of people ready to help you. The rope of hope is real and available to you. If you’re ready to climb, we’ll show you a better way out of the well!

The Benefits of Looking ‘Stupid’

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The Benefits of Looking ‘Stupid’

When you get to the point of . . .


  • Getting much more comfortable with failure

  • Feeling humiliated

  • Not worrying about looking bad to others


You just might be on your way to great success!



Think about it . . . so many people are afraid to fail, don't want to look stupid, and are working to impress others.

When you can get past that . . .you have a much higher probabiliy you'll succeed simply because you're willing to endure what others will not.

The Three Life Paths

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The Three Life Paths

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1. The Security Path – Follows the 95%

Get a good education, get a good job, choose middle class, retire on a pension (Ha!) or Social Security (Really?!?)
95% of people take this path . . . 
Life Indicators – Debt, Bordem, Busyness, Addictions, Stress, Pre-occupation with Entertainment and Sports, Hard-Working, Degrees, Religious, Live for Weekends, 2 Week Vacations, Self-absorbed, 401K, Benefits, Conveyor Belt Educated, Dependent Thinkers.
Life Impact – Limited to Family and Friends (Good)
2. The Success Path – Follows the 5%
Find people who have the life you want, learn from them and do what they do.
5% of people take this path . . .
Life Indicators – Financial Freedom, Ambitious, Create their Entertainment, Self-Directed Education, Love their Work, Travel, Time Freedom, Readers, Risk Takers, Independent Thinkers . . .
Life Impact – Influence the 95% (Better)
3. The Significance Path – Follows their own path for the benefit of humankind
Creators, Inventors, Innovators, Artists, Writers, Musicians, Actors, Soldiers, Missionaries, Spiritual Leaders, Scientists, etc.
Few people take this path . . .
Life Indicators – Purpose, Serving, Generousity, Entertaining, Influence, Leaders, World Changers, Contributors, Independent Thinkers, Self-Directed Education, Risk Takers . . .
Life Impact – They leave a Legacy and their impact is felt in the world years after they are gone. (Best)
What path are you on? Do you have a desire to walk down path #2 or #3?
I would be delighted to help you make a connection to others who could significantly impact your life for the better.

If you're no longer interested in the 'normal' 95% routine . . . Contact me here

8 Reasons To Help Others Grow Personally

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8 Reasons To Help Others Grow Personally


1. HOPE – Having Opportunity Perpetually Exist

2. FAME – Focusing And Mentoring Entrepreneurs

3. TRAVEL – True Relaxation At Various Exotic Locations

4. LEADING – Leveraging Enthusiastic Action Daily Incorporating Necessary Goals

5. CASH – Creating A Savings Haven

6. LUCK – Labor Under Correct Knowledge

7. FUN – Fantastic Uninhibited Nonsense

8. FREEDOM – Finally Realizing Every Entitlement Dooms Our Maturity


When Failing Is A Great Decision

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When Failing Is A Great Decision

I’d rather attempt to do something great and fail than to attempt to do nothing and succeed. To not decide is to decide by default, and usually hurts rather than helps you.

One of the reasons we hate to make a decision is because it opens us up to the possibility of failure. Since we innately hate to fail, we wrongly assume that we are protected from failure. In fact, not deciding probably does more damage than a decision where the outcome is failure.

“If success was defined by doing nothing, he would be world-renowned.”

Ever since grade school where we got the red check next to the ‘wrong’ answer, we’ve been conditioned to wait until everything is ‘right’. The wrong answer meant you didn’t give the cookie-cutter response for the prescribed conclusion. So then we took a cookie-cutter mentality into our adult life where we have become programmed to wait until we know everything is right, safe, timely, and insured.

But guess what those who move on to new levels of personal growth know . . . that it’s rare that the perfect conditions will fall in your lap, that your success will be guaranteed, that everything will be safe and that the right time will happen if you wait for the right time.

Those who study success know that failure is a much better friend than indecision. Surely making the right decision is your best friend. Experience helps you make right decisions. But failure is the fertile soil that yields the sweet fruit of experience to make the right decisions.

So, in this new year . . . make a decision! Yes, you might fail . . . but jump up, high five yourself, learn from it, and keep moving forward. That, or be crushed by the weight of the default decision of indecision.

Your Biggest Asset in 2013

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Your Biggest Asset in 2013

What is the best thing you could do in 2013 that could forever impact your future? Here’s what you know . . . you want 2013 to be a different kind of year for you. You know you’re ready to take your life to the next level. But how will you do that? What will be the key to your success?

Finding the right opportunity?

Finally discovering an incredible life enhancing product to share?

Utilizing the latest cutting edge online marketing strategy?

Getting more education?

Possibly . . . but if you’re thinking long term success that lasts for a lifetime rather than months, the latest strategy, fad, opportunity, or product will not be sustainable no matter how great it is. Why?

The greatest asset you have, or might have, is not something, it’s someone. Your best asset is trusted relationships.

Internally you already know this. You know your family and friends are what are most important to you. What amount of money would you trade for them? Well, maybe you have a relative or two but that’s another issue (smile).

But as it relates to your future financial freedom, the time freedom you desire, the travelling you want to do, the impact you want to have on others, and the legacy you wish to leave, those current trusted relationships aren’t helping you. That’s blunt, but it’s true. It’s not pointing and blaming, it’s just that they don’t have the information or skills themselves to get you where you wish to go. You trust them, absolutely, but for different reasons.

If 2013 is going to be different for you, then you need to  create some new and trusted relationships with people who can help you get where you want to go. People who can show you the way to a better life, where you can be in control of your time and financial future. People who are on their way or already there. People who have your best interests in mind, not their own.

Can you find those people? In an age of mistrust, self-interest, scam of the day, and money game opportunities, people have become jaded and scared to establish trusted relationships. But there are good people who are trustworthy and see the value of long term trust relationships. Is it easy to find? No. Does everyone have character and integrity? No, unfortunately. But don’t let that keep you from finding the real deal.

In 2013 I’m putting together a team of people whose lives will be changed forever by a mutually trusting friendship.

It’s interesting to think that some of the best relationships you’ll have in your life are with people you’ve yet to meet.

But, that’s what will make 2013 and beyond so exciting and thrilling.

I hope I can be one of those relationships for you. Together we could do great things together.

If you’re open, let’s begin a conversation. Who know where it could end up?

What Is Holding You Back?

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What Is Holding You Back?

The difference between those people who will be at the same place this time next year and those people who will see consistent progress is an ability to conquer a few personal enemies.

Do you know what your biggest enemies are to your future progress? We all fight enemies everyday and for most of us, they are not external forces but rather internal fears. And what are the two worst enemies we battle?

The first enemy is perfectionism. We want everything to be perfect before we move ahead because we’re afraid to fail. We want the perfect conditions, the perfect opportunity, the perfect team, the perfect prospects, the perfect strategy, the perfect product, the perfect weather, the perfect technology, the perfect relationship, the perfect look, and the list goes on and on. Why? Because if everything is perfect then it ensures that we won’t fail. And there’s something within us the hates failure. Well guess what? Those with the most growth continually fail. Ask those that have had great success in any area if they fail. Their answer will be a unanimous YES! Failure is the biggest secret to success. If you’re not failing, you’re not growing.

The second enemy is procrastination. We falsely feel like we have a thousand years to live. We’ll get it done sometime, somehow, when we feel more like doing it. This is no big secret to any of us. The reality is those who have success do what they need to do in spite of how they feel about it. They are consistent and persistent.

So what would happen if you battled those two enemies in 2013? What if you didn’t wait for everything to be perfect and used failure as a teacher rather than a ruler in your life? And what if you did it anyway, even when you didn’t feel like it? What would change for you? Someone said, Perfectionism + Procrastination = Poverty. That’s a bad formula if you’re looking to have a better life in 2013. So decide now. Even though it’s not perfect and you can find any reason to wait . . . don’t do it. Decide now and take action. That simple step will change your life!

I’m forming a leadership growth team to help people battle these enemies in 2013. Want to join my team and transform your life in 2013?


Go Here


A Nation Of Watchers

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A Nation Of Watchers

They are called ‘people watchers’. You’ll find them at airports and malls, sitting on a bench, just looking, observing, watching. Being a student of people is not a bad idea. You can learn a lot by watching, and it sure can create some great stories! But when is it not so good to watch people? When you remain a watcher and the person you are watching is a winner.

It happens all the time. We have become a nation where the majority watches. The winners win and the watchers watch. People sitting in front of their TV watching commercial advertising from companies that make a ton of money off you, watching celebrities and stars who are ‘successful’, rich and popular.

We go to fancy sports arenas and watch athletes play and live their dreams and we idolize their talent and abilities and we adore and complain and opine and watch. We love to watch winners.

We’ve become a nation of watchers when we need to become a nation of winners. People who are not satisfied with seeing others succeed and live dream lifestyles, while watching their own years waste away. Wouldn’t it be better to be watched? It’s something called leadership and it’s where winners live.