The Rope Called Hope Mar16


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The Rope Called Hope

They never dreamed it is where they would end up, but at some point they determined that it was the place they would be. Living in the well is where most people had decided to stay. All their friends lived in wells, their educators lived in wells, their spiritual counselors lived in wells, co-workers, family members, in fact, everyone they knew lived in wells. It had not only become acceptable, but even fashionable.

Dual incomes? Yeah, me too!
High credit card debt? Yeah, me too!
High car payments? Yeah, me too!
Limited travel and short vacations? Yeah, me too!
School loans? Yeah, me too!
Paycheck to paycheck? Yeah, me too!
Very little saved for retirement? Yeah, me too!

Most never saw the rope hanging there all the time. Some had heard about a rope. But most never even knew the rope existed. The rope called Hope.

The massive rope braided with Truth, Personal Growth, Service, Purpose, Clarity, Leadership, Goals, Mentoring, Financial Freedom, Innovation and Creativity was always there, hanging in the center, where at any moment, they could escape the confines of the well.

And then the day came when they discovered the rope! They realized Hope was giving them another chance. Could it ever be possible that they could escape from the well and give new hope to their family? Could it be possible to have the kind of life they had always wanted? Could getting out of the well they had been stuck in for so long actually become a reality? Would they listen to those outside the well, to those who had discovered another place?

For some the answer would be no. If fact, so comfortable with well living, they would CUT the rope of hope and be forever confined to well living. And they were okay with that . . . small living is predictable and ‘secure’ and known and where all my friends are. It’s what they know and it’s where they are staying.

For others, well living is not what they wanted. They were intrigued by others who had escaped, but yet they were unsure. They have fears. The path is not clear. They don’t know if they have what it takes to get out of the well, so they CONTAIN the rope. They hang it on a hook and look at it and talk about it and show it to their friends and dream of a different time when the rope will be valuable for them. After the education, after the kids are grown, when they have more time, and when they have more money. Later the rope will be for them, but not right now. And so the rope gathers dust, always hanging there, always available, waiting for their decision.

Then there are others. They are the ones well people call crazy, dreamers, independent thinkers, who actually believe one can CLIMB the rope. Yes it will be hard. Yes it will take time. They understand it will take new skills and thinking but they are hungry for a better life. They have been dreaming of their escape and they are ready to climb.

It’s hard at first. In fact, harder than they realized. But the longer they climb the easier it seems to get. They are inspired by the voices of encouragement they hear at the top of the well. It doesn’t take long before they realize they can escape the well forever and live in freedom. The rope of hope would work and they would come to live the life they’ve always wanted.

Are you stuck in the well?
What will you decide to do?

Will you CUT the rope and give up hope?
Will you CONTAIN the rope and use it at a later time?
Will you CLIMB the rope beginning today to a life of freedom and purpose?

If you’re ready to climb, we have a team of people ready to help you. The rope of hope is real and available to you. If you’re ready to climb, we’ll show you a better way out of the well!