The Three Life Paths Jan07


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The Three Life Paths

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1. The Security Path – Follows the 95%

Get a good education, get a good job, choose middle class, retire on a pension (Ha!) or Social Security (Really?!?)
95% of people take this path . . . 
Life Indicators – Debt, Bordem, Busyness, Addictions, Stress, Pre-occupation with Entertainment and Sports, Hard-Working, Degrees, Religious, Live for Weekends, 2 Week Vacations, Self-absorbed, 401K, Benefits, Conveyor Belt Educated, Dependent Thinkers.
Life Impact – Limited to Family and Friends (Good)
2. The Success Path – Follows the 5%
Find people who have the life you want, learn from them and do what they do.
5% of people take this path . . .
Life Indicators – Financial Freedom, Ambitious, Create their Entertainment, Self-Directed Education, Love their Work, Travel, Time Freedom, Readers, Risk Takers, Independent Thinkers . . .
Life Impact – Influence the 95% (Better)
3. The Significance Path – Follows their own path for the benefit of humankind
Creators, Inventors, Innovators, Artists, Writers, Musicians, Actors, Soldiers, Missionaries, Spiritual Leaders, Scientists, etc.
Few people take this path . . .
Life Indicators – Purpose, Serving, Generousity, Entertaining, Influence, Leaders, World Changers, Contributors, Independent Thinkers, Self-Directed Education, Risk Takers . . .
Life Impact – They leave a Legacy and their impact is felt in the world years after they are gone. (Best)
What path are you on? Do you have a desire to walk down path #2 or #3?
I would be delighted to help you make a connection to others who could significantly impact your life for the better.

If you're no longer interested in the 'normal' 95% routine . . . Contact me here