What Is Holding You Back? Dec27


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What Is Holding You Back?

The difference between those people who will be at the same place this time next year and those people who will see consistent progress is an ability to conquer a few personal enemies.

Do you know what your biggest enemies are to your future progress? We all fight enemies everyday and for most of us, they are not external forces but rather internal fears. And what are the two worst enemies we battle?

The first enemy is perfectionism. We want everything to be perfect before we move ahead because we’re afraid to fail. We want the perfect conditions, the perfect opportunity, the perfect team, the perfect prospects, the perfect strategy, the perfect product, the perfect weather, the perfect technology, the perfect relationship, the perfect look, and the list goes on and on. Why? Because if everything is perfect then it ensures that we won’t fail. And there’s something within us the hates failure. Well guess what? Those with the most growth continually fail. Ask those that have had great success in any area if they fail. Their answer will be a unanimous YES! Failure is the biggest secret to success. If you’re not failing, you’re not growing.

The second enemy is procrastination. We falsely feel like we have a thousand years to live. We’ll get it done sometime, somehow, when we feel more like doing it. This is no big secret to any of us. The reality is those who have success do what they need to do in spite of how they feel about it. They are consistent and persistent.

So what would happen if you battled those two enemies in 2013? What if you didn’t wait for everything to be perfect and used failure as a teacher rather than a ruler in your life? And what if you did it anyway, even when you didn’t feel like it? What would change for you? Someone said, Perfectionism + Procrastination = Poverty. That’s a bad formula if you’re looking to have a better life in 2013. So decide now. Even though it’s not perfect and you can find any reason to wait . . . don’t do it. Decide now and take action. That simple step will change your life!

I’m forming a leadership growth team to help people battle these enemies in 2013. Want to join my team and transform your life in 2013?


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