A Nation Of Watchers Dec15


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A Nation Of Watchers

They are called ‘people watchers’. You’ll find them at airports and malls, sitting on a bench, just looking, observing, watching. Being a student of people is not a bad idea. You can learn a lot by watching, and it sure can create some great stories! But when is it not so good to watch people? When you remain a watcher and the person you are watching is a winner.

It happens all the time. We have become a nation where the majority watches. The winners win and the watchers watch. People sitting in front of their TV watching commercial advertising from companies that make a ton of money off you, watching celebrities and stars who are ‘successful’, rich and popular.

We go to fancy sports arenas and watch athletes play and live their dreams and we idolize their talent and abilities and we adore and complain and opine and watch. We love to watch winners.

We’ve become a nation of watchers when we need to become a nation of winners. People who are not satisfied with seeing others succeed and live dream lifestyles, while watching their own years waste away. Wouldn’t it be better to be watched? It’s something called leadership and it’s where winners live.