The Best Way To Increase Your Income In 2013! Dec11


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The Best Way To Increase Your Income In 2013!

Grant Cardone says, “Because of taxes and inflation, you can’t save enough money to get ahead. You HAVE to increase your income.”

What are you going to do in 2013 to increase your income and take some pressure off your life?

Here are your options:

1. Win the lottery. (Good luck!)

2. Work more hours. (Sell your time to make more money via overtime or a second job.)

3. Buy a franchise. (Too expensive for most people.)

4. Start a home-based business. (Good option if you can build a client base past 25-50 people . . . and most people don’t know how and then conclude, “It doesn’t work!”.)

5. Increase your personal value and contribution to your community. The world will reward you. (This is done through education that PAYS you not COSTS you.)

The education system of the future will not be done through colleges and universities that charge you $1000’s to give you a certificate and send you into a depressed and technology fueled shrinking job market. The new paradigm is an education franchise that PAYS you. The revolution is coming.

If you’re open, it could explode your income in 2013!